The concepts and ideas presented in this blog vary, I will admit, but all are elements born out of my love for politics, photography, mass media and journalism, culture, and working toward remedying global issues. But how should we solve these issues I present in this blog? What stands to be the most prominent answer is not just one solution, if it is to be said there is one at all. Along with the lucidity of media producers, as well as consumers, action to better aid news reporting and media in all forms, involves deconstruction of the Tintin myth, destruction of the idea that objective news reporting is a reality, creation of a broader media network which includes stronger reporting of events not normally covered, balancing events and personality reporting, garnering a larger more diverse pool of journalists, fostering critical thinking and independence from panel experts and official sources, offering the white flag to stopwatch breaking news and sensationalism, deconstruction of common imagery, (deep breath) and acknowledgment there are many different realities in the world, and you are only experiencing one.


It is like full democracy: the ideal itself can never be completely attained, but it is worthwhile to keep trying. It is the constant renewal of the struggle itself which is the essence of the process not the ultimate reaching of the goal which would allow us to sit back. -Jaap van Ginneken